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Why Should I Hire Sullo & Sullo For My Product Liability Case?

First and foremost, Sullo & Sullo will be involved in the litigation of your case.

A large percentage of the websites taking information from prospective "Hip Recall" clients are NOT law firms – they are marketing or "lead generating" websites designed to capture your information and sell your information to random law firms.

Sullo & Sullo is not a "lead generator".

Some of the law firms that are advertising to help you with your "Hip Recall" are simply “referring firms” who will collect your information and then refer your case to another law firm and will have minimal involvement with your case.

Sullo & Sullo will be involved with the litigation on your case.

What kind of Law Firm is Sullo & Sullo? Sullo & Sullo is a litigation firm that cares about our clients. If you decide to hire our firm, we will be with you to the very end of your case. From the informative and educational content on our website to the trained and experienced professionals with whom you can communicate with at our firm, Sullo & Sullo wants the very best for our clients.

If You Are Considering Hiring Another Law Firm, Ask These Questions:

1. First and foremost, is the law firm you are hiring going to litigate your case if necessary?

• If the answer is no, you should consider hiring our law firm. Sullo & Sullo will be involved with the litigation of your case if litigation is necessary.

2. Does the law firm you are hiring have the experience and resources necessary to litigate a case of this magnitude?

• We believe our firm has the experience and resources necessary to obtain a favorable outcome. If the law firm you are considering to hire does not have adequate experience and resources, you should consider hiring our law firm.

If you ask the right questions, you will find that no other firm is as qualified and capable to handle your case as Sullo & Sullo.

Please call us at 1-800-730-7607 or fill out the 'Free Consultation' form in the right pane.

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