Houston Warrant Roundup 2016: A Brief Overview:

The annual Houston Warrant Roundup is fast approaching. The City of Houston Police Department is among the more than 260 law enforcement jurisdictions across the state of Texas to annually participate in the 2016 Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Constables in Houston and Harris County are set to join other law enforcement personnel across the state in an effort to clear the thousands of active traffic warrants currently pending. While the actual date has not yet been announced, the Roundup generally begins during the last week of February and continues for several weeks.


This is not an amnesty program, rather an opportunity for those with outstanding traffic warrants to take advantage of the available options to settle those warrants. During this time period thousands of notices will be mailed to persons who currently have an active Houston or Harris County warrant against them. The primary focus of these warrants is Class C traffic violations as well as other minor penal code or ordinance violations. Historically the first phase of the Roundup consists of a grace period during which those with outstanding warrants are encouraged to resolve their issues without the threat of arrest. The second phase is the enforcement phase during which those who have neglected their traffic warrants may literally be rounded up—at home, work, or anywhere within the greater Houston area—and brought to court to address their outstanding warrants.


The law firm of Sullo & Sullo, LLP can assist individuals with traffic warrants by posting bonds to eliminate the threat of arrest, setting a new date in court, and defending you against the violations with which you have been charged.

Time is short, so contact The Houston Warrant Roundup Lawyers at Sullo & Sullo, LLP today for a traffic warrant issued by any of the following courts: Houston Municipal Court, HCJP 1-1, HCJP 1-2, HCJP 3-1, HCJP 4-1, HCJP 4-2, HCJP 5-1, HCJP 5-2, HCJP 7-2, HCJP 8-1, HCJP 8-2, Jersey Village Municipal Court, Sugarland Municipal Court, Stafford Municipal Court, Missouri City Municipal Court, Pasadena Municipal Court, City of South Houston Municipal Court and Baytown Municipal Court.


Breaking News: The 2016 Houston Warrant Roundup

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How will Greater Houston Area Police Departments Handle Outstanding Warrants?

The 2016 Houston Warrant Roundup is nearly upon us; while the official kickoff date has yet to be announced, the Roundup generally begins during the last week of February, continuing for several weeks. We at the law firm of Sullo ... More...

What is an Arrest Warrant? Should I be Concerned?

Should you discover there is an arrest warrant with your name on it in Houston or in Harris County, you will likely be concerned and anxious. An arrest warrant is issued by the courts and allows police officers to actually arrest the person whose name is on the warrant. Of course arrest ... More...

Don’t Just Pay Old Tickets: Consider Your Options First

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Posting a Bond May be Your Best Alternative

Perhaps you are aware of the Houston Warrant Roundup which is in its seventh year and is just around the corner. Although dates have not yet been finalized, the Roundup generally begins during the last week of February and lasts for several weeks. Over 260 jurisdictions across Texas ... More...

Houston Warrant Roundup 2016: How We Can Help:

The  Houston Warrant Roundup is coming soon—don’t let it catch you unaware, leaving you stressed and anxious when you find there is a warrant for your arrest. Even something as simple as neglecting to pay a traffic citation or appearing before the judge may have left you with both ...More...

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