Car Accident Injuries

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Victims of car collisions should first and foremost attend to their medical needs. Medical attention should be administered immediately following the accident, and the victims of auto accidents should be alert for any signs of injury which could manifest hours or even days following the collision. Often, due to the surge of adrenaline car accident victims experience, they may not fully realize the extent of their injuries. It is not advisable to refuse medical treatment even if you believe you are “okay,” as it can be more difficult to prove a case after such refusal.

Once all health issues have been attended to, it is time to consider the legal ramifications of your accident and subsequent injuries. Most victims of car accidents need answers and they need them quickly. Victims who need the services of a Houston auto accident attorney need look no further than the law firm of Sullo & Sullo, LLP. The combined experience and knowledge of our lawyers will help to ensure your rights will be fully protected following your car accident. We will walk you through the process step-by-step, and fight to safeguard your financial future.

When Negligence is Involved

Car accidents happen each and every day—statistics show that over 44,000 people in the United States die each year as a result of an automobile accident while as many as three million will suffer some level of injury, from relatively minor to severe and life-changing. When one of these accidents is directly related to the negligence of another, there is a legal remedy. Those who have been injured, or the families of those who were killed in an accident involving negligence are eligible to file a lawsuit to recover medical expenses, lost wages and even compensation for extreme pain and suffering. The basic definition of negligence is doing something—or failing to do something—which causes harm to another.

In order to prove the other driver’s negligence was directly responsible for the victim’s injuries it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. Medical records will likely need to be reviewed in order to definitively prove the injuries were a direct result of the car accident. Unfortunately, negligence can be a difficult concept to understand as well as to prove. It is imperative that victims of car accident injuries have a highly experienced automobile accident attorney by their side during the entire process.

Do I Have a Case?

Most people wonder whether they have a potential lawsuit and if they are, in fact, eligible to receive compensation for their injuries resulting from a car accident. In order to answer this question, a highly qualified Houston personal injury attorney must evaluate the specifics of the auto accident, determine how the injuries occurred and assess the extent of the injuries. Due to the statute of limitations the amount of time under which a lawsuit can be filed can be fairly short—another reason to get a Houston personal injury attorney on board at the earliest possible moment. Even if you refused medical treatment at the time of your accident, believing you were not seriously hurt, you may still have a solid case, so before determining it is too late or that you don’t have a good case, you definitely need to consult with an automobile accident attorney whose primary concern lies in what is best for the car accident victim. Sullo & Sullo attorneys are responsible, reliable and effective. Our Houston car accident attorneys can handle your case whether it involves DUI on the part of the other driver, dangerous road conditions, driver fatigue or inattention, the actions of a reckless driver, mechanical failure or a defective automobile part.

Getting What You Need

Victims of automobile accidents may often sustain emotional trauma in addition to their physical injuries. Treatment for both of these can require significant financial resources. Should the victim be required to take off work for any length of time there may be considerable stress regarding how the bills will get paid. The last thing the victim of a car accident should have to do is deal with high-pressure insurance adjusters who are looking to pay the least amount possible to settle the case. Many victims agree to a quick settlement simply to end the stress of dealing with insurance companies. Don’t allow yourself be victimized twice—take advantage of the car accident injury attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP. We want to help you, and the sooner you call, the sooner we can begin helping you put your life back together, aggressively pursuing the financial compensation you need and deserve.

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