Drug Possession

Drug Possession

The laws surrounding controlled substances, illegal drugs, and marijuana can be both complex and tough in our state, and Texas is well-known for being especially tough on drug crimes. In fact, the Texas Department of Public Safety statistics reveal that nearly 89% of all arrests in Texas in 2009 were for drug-related crimes with over half of those drug-related arrests involving user-level marijuana possessions. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP have wide-ranging experience in representing clients who have been charged with drug crimes in Texas. If you’ve been charged with drug possession or possession with the intent to distribute it is essential that you contact a highly experienced drug defense attorney in Houston.

Federal or State?

Should your drug charges be prosecuted at the state level, felony drug charges are typically classified in degrees such as first degree, second degree, third degree and state jail felony with first degree charges being the most serious and carrying a maximum sentencing of life in prison. With your future at stake it just doesn’t make sense to leave those charges to chance or an inexperienced attorney. Federal court bases sentencing on a complex point system making it even more imperative that you have an attorney in your corner who is experienced in the federal criminal system and can navigate through the complex—and often unfair—drug crime point system.

While Federal and state drug laws have some overlap they are not mirror images of one another, and, contrary to popular belief, the Federal justice system is not merely a larger version of the Texas justice system. If you are being charged with a federal drug crime or are under investigation or suspicion of such a crime you will require a drug defense lawyer who has meaningful experience in both federal and state drug laws.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent!

If you have been charged with a drug violation you should exercise your right to remain silent until your chosen attorney arrives. It is very likely that you have rights you are not fully aware of, and a reputable drug defense attorney will aggressively defend those rights. Should law enforcement merely want to “talk” to you, but have not yet arrested you, it is likely they lack sufficient evidence to charge you and are expecting you will implicate yourself by talking to them. Contact an experienced drug lawyer at Sullo & Sullo immediately if the police ask to speak with you regarding a drug-related crime.

The Strength of the Evidence against You

The strength in drug crime cases is typically the physical evidence, such as the drugs which were seized during the arrest, or test results conducted by police officers. In some cases a knowledgeable drug crime attorney can defend you against drug charges simply by challenging the validity of the evidence as relating to how it was obtained, found, seized or tested. You need the experience of attorneys who will work to disqualify the evidence against you, negotiate with the prosecution to minimize the possible penalties, reduce the charges against you, or even possibly negotiate a rehab program in place of other, much more severe, penalties.

Property or Possessions Forfeiture

Perhaps the government has taken steps to have your possessions or property forfeited under the assertion that items which facilitated a drug trade or were purchased from the profits of drug sales are subject to civil forfeiture. You must understand your rights under such claims as well as retaining a Houston criminal defense attorney who will take decisive action on your behalf to protect your property and your freedom. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo will do just that and will never simply allow you to go down without a fight.

Drug Charges in Texas

The most common drugs charged against Texas residents are cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Both Cocaine and Meth are charged under the laws for Penalty Group 1 Drugs, however marijuana has its own code. Penalty Group 1 drugs carry some of the most serious ranges of punishment for Texas drug crimes while the possession of marijuana carries a range of punishments from simple Class B misdemeanors to more serious felony charges, depending primarily on the amount found in your possession.

Other Consequences of a Texas Drug Charge

Conviction and sentencing for drug possession in Texas can have far-reaching and unintended consequences. You could lose your driver’s license, could be denied loans for student education or other loans which are federally insured or could find it difficult or impossible to rent a place to live and obtain gainful employment. You could spend considerable time in jail or prison, be subject to extensive fines, mandatory rehab, community service and extensive probation. If you live in a smaller community, you will have to deal with public speculation surrounding your charges, and you could even face losing your family over these drug charges.

Protect Your Future: Call Sullo & Sullo

Before you allow your future to be taken away, you should be aware that an experienced drug defense lawyer who is well-versed in federal and state drug laws can effectively fight your drug charges with every resource available. Our attorneys have comprehensive backgrounds in Texas drug charges and are fully aware that a poor outcome could follow you for years and years to come.

If we are able to secure a dismissal or acquittal of your drug charges we won’t stop there, but will work to have your case expunged so you do not have to spend months or years worrying about whether your arrest will cost you the job you desire. If you’ve been arrested on a drug charge, you are likely confused, upset and anxious about your future. Time is of the essence, so hire a drug offense attorney who will advocate tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf—the attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP.

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