Personal Injuries

If you have sustained injuries from an accident or have in some way suffered harm as the result of someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to monetary compensation not only for your injuries, but for other related losses you may have incurred, such as loss of work and in some instances, pain and suffering.

Personal injury accidents

To note, some more common categories/types of personal injuries include, but are not limited to: Industrial Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries, Toxic Torts, Nursing Home Negligence, Construction Accidents, Work Injuries, Refinery/Oil Rig Explosions, Medical Malpractice Injuries, Slip and Fall Injuries, Drug Injuries (See Drug Litigation Section), Defective Product Injuries (See Product Defects Section);

If you believe that you have suffered a personal injury that another party was responsible for, you should contact the Houston Personal Injury Attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP to tell them more about your case. The Houston Personal Injury Lawyers at Sullo & Sullo, LLP can review and evaluate your case to determine whether or not pursuing a Personal Injury Claim is in fact something you should do.

Do I have a Personal Injury Case/Claim?

There are two main questions to address when one is trying to make a determination as to whether or not he or she has a personal injury case/claim:

  1. First, have you suffered personal injuries for which you can show compensable damages?

    Compensable damages are damages that can be readily documented and accounted for, and that usually have a concrete or tangible value. Some common examples of compensable damages include, but are not limited to medical bills, lost time at work, property loss or property damage, and/or damages due to pain and suffering.

    Ultimately, you can discuss the individual circumstances of your potential personal injury case with the qualified and experienced Houston Personal Injury Attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP in order to determine if your “compensable damages” are sufficient enough to justify pursuing a personal injury claim.

  2. Second, can you identify a third party who was responsible for your personal injuries?

    You can, along with the qualified and experienced Houston Personal Injury Lawyers of Sullo & Sullo, LLP, try to make a determination if a third party was responsible for your personal injuries. You can also have one of our personal injury attorneys determine if it is possible and/or likely to prove that this third party was in fact responsible for your personal injuries.

    In some cases, multiple parties are responsible. In these instances, these multiple parties would simply be named in your claim. If however, your case is of such a nature that you have not only suffered personal injuries attributable to a third party, but that you yourself are also responsible to some degree, then you may be barred from recovery, or you may have your recovery amount reduced proportionally to your degree of fault in the matter. The qualified and experienced Houston Personal Injury Attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP would be able to explain to you what would be most likely in your individual case based upon your individual circumstances and the jurisdiction under which the case would fall.

How do I make a Personal Injury Claim or file a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The best way to decide about whether or not to move forward with a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit is to consult a qualified and experienced personal injury claims lawyer about your case. As a layperson, you probably do not have enough knowledge and information about the law to make proper decisions about how to proceed. Moreover, the legal process can be an intimidating one, with many twists and turns that you may not be prepared for.

As such, speaking with a personal injury claims attorney is the best way to:

  1. Explain your personal injury rights;
  2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury case;
  3. Estimate your personal injury damages and potential recovery;
  4. Educate you on the process of filing a personal injury claim;

The Houston Personal Injury Attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP can assist you with the above listed matters as well as answer any other questions you may have regarding your potential personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Compensation/Settlements

Compensation: Compensation for personal injury victims can be awarded for monetary losses, physical suffering, and even emotional hardships attributable to their injury. In some instances, punitive damages may also be assessed to the responsible party. Displayed below is a more detailed listing of the types of damages available:

  • Damages for Personal Injury Monetary Losses:
  • Medical Expenses (past incurred, presently tolling, and projected future);
  • Lost Wages (past incurred, presently tolling, and projected future);
  • Household Services (caregivers, caretakers required to maintain household during recovery);
  • Damages for Personal Injury Related Physical and Emotional Suffering:
  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Permanent Disability;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Mental Anguish;
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life;

Settlements: Often times in personal injury claims/cases, parties will come together to negotiate an informal settlement of the dispute. Sometimes, settlements are even negotiated after personal injury verdicts or judgments have been rendered (i.e., defendants can sometimes negotiate a lower award in exchange for a speedy payment to the plaintiff and/or waiving their right to appeal). Many times, less severe cases earn “lump sum” payments, while more serious cases are settled with “structured” settlements. [Structured Settlements can usually be set up in tax free vehicles, and can pay out monies to an injured plaintiff over the course of several years.]

If you are an individual with a personal injury case with questions about compensation and/or settlements in personal injury matters, contact the Houston Personal Injury Attorneys at Sullo & Sullo, LLP.

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