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It goes without saying that there will never be a motorcycle accident in which the motorcyclist benefits from being involved in a collision. In fact, motorcyclists are most often either seriously injured or killed when they are in an accident with a vehicle due to their complete lack of protection. The driver and passengers of a vehicle have the protection of the steel cage which surrounds them as well as airbags and safety belts while the motorcyclist’s only protection lies in a helmet—if worn—and any protective clothing which could possibly minimize road rash injuries.

The skyrocketing cost of gasoline has led many commuters to switch to motorcycles as their primary transport to the office meaning there are now more motorcycles on the roads than ever before. In fact, there are currently over seven million motorcycles in the United States. While certainly not all of these motorcycles are used as daily transport, motorcycles are more likely to be common sights on today’s roadways.

Serious Injuries for Motorcyclists

Those involved in motorcycle accidents can suffer from traumatic brain injury, partial or total paralysis, severe fractures or amputations, and an entire litany of other serious injuries. All of these injuries can effectively change lives forever, and can lead to exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages and extreme pain and suffering. In order to get the motorcycle accident compensation you are entitled to, it is imperative you hire a highly experienced Houston personal injury attorney. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP have the necessary experience and background to make sure you receive what you are entitled to and will work hard to hold the negligent party responsible for his or her actions.

The Increased Number of Motorcycle Accidents

With the increased number of motorcycles on the road it stands to reason that there will be more motorcycle accidents in the years to come. There are currently over 4500 motorcycle fatalities every year, while another 50,000 or more will suffer severe and life-changing injuries. The aging baby boomers in America are the primary reason for the number of riders over the age of forty on the road which means there are more deaths and injuries in this age group. The NHTSA states that a motorcycle rider is 37 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident and a full 14 percent of all traffic accident deaths involve a motorcyclist. None of these statistics mean much, however, to the person who is suffering from their own motorcycle accident. Victims of such accidents need legal help and compassion, and our attorneys are ready to provide just that.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

While excess speed or motorcyclists who drive under the influence can be a factor in some motorcycle injuries or fatalities, the primary cause of motorcycle accidents lies in the fact that many people simply don’t see the motorcyclist. Automobile drivers who change lanes without signaling, make a left-hand turn across a busy intersection without being cognizant of an oncoming motorcyclist, fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or pull out from a side street without properly looking for traffic can be responsible for serious or deadly motorcycle accidents. Many motorcyclists are also hit as an automobile backs out from a driveway without properly looking for all vehicles or backs from a space in a busy parking lot. Drivers have an obligation to look out for all other vehicles, and this includes motorcycles. The motorcyclist must be twice as vigilant while on the road simply to avoid being hit by drivers who are only looking out for other automobiles. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP have a solid grasp of the concerns and issues surrounding motorcycle accidents while also understanding the distinctive physics of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accidents may also be attributed to factors such as the motorcycle itself or the road conditions or weather conditions. While no one can be held responsible for weather conditions, in some cases a poorly maintained road or the lack of proper warnings can cause a serious motorcycle accident. A pothole in the road may be only a minor bump for an automobile, yet can be the cause of a serious or fatal motorcycle accident. In the same way a drop of several inches on pavement which is being worked on or on a shoulder will cause little inconvenience to an automobile driver, yet could cause a motorcycle to spin out of control. Many motorcycle accidents are directly related to defective parts on the motorcycle, including faulty brakes or tires. In cases which involve a defective part, your Houston personal injury attorney must also be well-versed in product liability law. Our attorneys will work hard for your rights and your future.

Difficulties in Litigating Motorcycle Accidents

Stereotypes abound regarding motorcyclists, and litigating motorcycle accident cases can be extremely complex, requiring special skills from your Houston personal injury attorney. Juries may automatically assume the motorcyclist was a fault based on nothing more than their perceptions of motorcyclists (as a group) who take risks and drive too aggressively and too fast. The truth of the matter is that the average age of the motorcyclist on the highway has risen dramatically and the vast majority of these motorcyclists exercise the same level of caution while riding their motorcycle as they do behind the wheel of their automobile. Because of the erroneous perceptions regarding motorcyclists, many victims of motorcycle accidents have failed to receive a fair and equitable settlement for their damages, pain and suffering. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo will go the extra mile and fight hard to ensure those responsible for your injuries are held responsible under the law. Our motorcycle accident attorneys understand the unique challenges involved in motorcycle accidents. Make sure your rights are fully protected by calling Sullo & Sullo, LLP today.

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