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Drug Litigation: A Brief Overview:

From time to time, pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects enter the marketplace because their potential risks were not properly anticipated during clinical research trials. These types of drugs are closely monitored by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), a governmental agency charged with protecting the public welfare with respect to food and drug products that are made available to consumers.

The FDA accomplishes this charge in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, issuing alerts about certain drugs, mandating the publication of warnings with regards to certain drugs, and in some instances, initiating full recalls of certain drugs. Whatever action the FDA deems necessary, it does not change the fact that these types of drugs often times cause harm and/or injury to the individuals who took them, and when these individuals look to be made whole for the damages they have suffered, litigation often emerges as a primary course of action for most victims. If you or someone you know has been injured by a drug, the attorneys at Sullo & Sullo can help – please let us know about your case.

Drug Litigation: Claims & Lawsuits:

Shown below are drugs which may have resulted in harm and/or injuries to the individuals who took them. Read more to find out if you or someone you know may have been affected:

Actos Brief Overview:

Actos (pioglitazone hydrochloride) is a member of a class of drugs known as thiazoli-dinediones, which have been linked to liver and cardiovascular issues.  More...

Pradaxa Brief Overview:

For those patients with heart valve problems or atrial fibrillation who are at a significantly elevated risk of stroke, the drug Pradaxa (Dabigatran)...  More...

Januvia Issues:

Januvia, a drug which is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes—along with diet and exercise—has recently come under fire for its potential risks from consumers ...  More...

Byetta Issues:

Exenatide, the drug marketed under the name Byetta, was originally manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with ...  More...

Victoza Issues:

A nonprofit consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, claims Victoza, a drug manufactured for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, gained FDA approval ...  More...

Iclusig Issues:

In an almost unprecedented move, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc., recently suspended marketing for the chronic myeloid leukemia drug...  More...

Testosterone Issues:

Recent Studies have linked certain Testosterone Replacement Drugs to Heart Attacks, Strokes, and even Death...  More...

How We Can Help:

As a qualified products liability law firm, Sullo & Sullo is able to help you in several very important ways: More...

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July 29, 2014
Testosterone, which occurs in the body naturally, helps men maintain muscle mass, strength and bone density and prevents the loss of libido, flagging energy levels, erectile...

July 22, 2014
After a recently released study in the Journal of American Medical Association, many doctors—as well as the FDA—are reconsidering the possible dangers associated with testosterone...

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