Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Auto accident litigation

When you consider that more than 40,000 deaths each year in America are the direct result of a motor vehicle accident it can appear that driving might just be a fairly risky activity. The person who spends fifty years of his or her life driving actually has a one in 100 chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident. While these statistics might make you want to never leave your home, remember that your odds of being a victim of violent crime are four in one hundred—in other words today’s world is simply a perilous place to exist.

Factors in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Remember that these statistics take into account all drivers, and that includes inexperienced teenagers, drivers who take to the road while under the influence, drivers who are in a perpetual state of rage while on the road and those who simply drive too fast. Any person can significantly lessen their personal risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident simply by avoiding risky behaviors. There are many factors which can increase your chances of being in an accident. Texting while driving can increase your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident as much as 22 times, while dialing your cell phone or even talking on your cell phone, while not as risky as texting, still increases your overall risk. Driving while impaired can garner you a 15-25% higher chance of being involved in a fatal car accident although you have no control over the other drivers on the road who may be driving under the influence.

Those who live in a busy city and spend a considerable amount of time commuting on the freeway will obviously have a higher risk factor than rural drivers. As many as 75% of all motor vehicle accidents have been attributed, at least in part to driver distraction. Although cell phone use tops the list of driver distractions, eating while driving, fiddling with the radio, looking at your GPS device, talking to your fellow passengers, turning around to scold the children, watching billboards or happenings on the side of the road or even simple daydreaming are all factors in distracted driving accidents. Most of us have even observed a driver applying makeup or reading while driving—risky driving behavior by anyone’s standards. Other factors such as inclement weather, poorly designed roadways, lack of proper signage and animals or debris in the road can all contribute to serious auto accidents.

The Legal Aspect of Motor Vehicle Aspects

Contacting a Houston personal injury attorney soon after your auto accident is the single most important thing you can do other than getting prompt medical treatment for any injuries suffered in the accident. Legal claims are governed by negligence laws meaning that people who drive automobiles are expected to show reasonable care under the circumstances. When reasonable care is not exercised, then negligence is a factor in the accident. The negligent party in the motor vehicle accident could be required to pay for damages for any injuries or damages caused by their negligence.

Your personal injury attorney will look at a variety of sources in order to evaluate your case and determine who was at fault or negligent. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo have a solid history of fighting for the rights of those involved in motor vehicle accidents. They have the necessary knowledge and experience, and know how to fight aggressively for their clients while always maintaining their integrity and high legal standards. Don’t delay—call our office today if you have suffered damages as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We will work hard on your behalf to ensure all your medical expenses—both present and future—are fully covered as well as the wages you have lost if you’ve been unable to work. It’s bad enough that you’ve suffered physical injury—we will work to make sure you don’t suffer serious financial injury as well.

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