Traumatic & Debilitating Injuries

Catastrophic & Serious Injury

There are many forms of catastrophic injury which can forever change the life of the victim and families involved. Traumatic brain injuries, severe burns—including chemical burns—limb amputation, spinal cord injuries, blindness, multiple fractures, nerve injury to the torso, arms or shoulders—all of these injuries can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, continuous care and support from others and the inability to return to a job for a period of time—or even forever. Traumatic brain injury can leave the victim and their family dealing with drastic personality changes and varying degrees of memory loss. There are currently over 1.7 million Americans suffering the effects of a TBI.

A spinal cord injury could mean the victim might spend the remainder of their life in a wheelchair. These types of catastrophic injuries are, unfortunately, relatively common on the highways and in the workplaces of Texas, however a highly skilled Houston personal injury lawyer can give the victims of catastrophic accidents the support they need to fight back. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP have the necessary experience and compassion to help victims of tragic accidents, particularly those in which another party’s negligence was directly responsible for the resulting injuries.

In some cases, what appears to be a relatively minor injury can turn into a life-changing injury such as a herniated disc which is so severe it brings relentless, severe and chronic pain to the victim and becomes debilitating. Victims of catastrophic or serious injuries could face many years of lost income and changes to their lives which are drastic and irrevocable. Catastrophic accidents can happen in the workplace or can result from a serious car, truck or motorcycle collision. Catastrophic injuries are sometimes the result of a defective product, a medical error or any number of other intentional or negligent acts of others.

The Common Thread in Catastrophic Accidents

Although every accident is different, there are certain factors which most all catastrophic injuries have in common. Information collected immediately following any accident is extremely important however in a catastrophic injury case this information can be crucial to the subsequent personal injury claim. Because of this, it is imperative that someone close to the victim does everything in their power to preserve evidence and keep an accurate record of everything related to the accident. In almost all cases, the sooner the victim of a catastrophic accident hires a Houston personal injury lawyer who will immediately initiate the investigation into the claim, the higher the likelihood of optimal recovery following a personal injury claim.

Secondly, the victims of catastrophic injuries will face what may seem like insurmountable challenges following their accident. Whether these challenges come in the form of a partial or complete disability, the loss of a career and an income, the astronomical medical expenses, the reduction in enjoyment of life or the chronic pain and suffering, the truth is that someone should be held accountable. While it is likely the victim’s life will never again be “normal” or their future what they had dreamed of, victims do have a right to seek compensation for expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. For years, the attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP have been engaged in helping those who have suffered harm rebuild their lives and move forward in the best way they can by offering exceptional legal advice and guidance.

The third common thread in catastrophic accidents is that they are almost always financially devastating. The medical expenses can mount up so quickly that the victim is left reeling from the stacks of medical bills. Most victims of such grave injuries will face many subsequent surgeries and years of physical and mental therapy and will undergo treatments and health care which is prohibitively expensive. The unforeseen expenses the victim of a catastrophic injury will be subject to can also place high levels of stress on family members who are struggling to pay the bills each month.

Let Us Help You

Because very high damages are common in catastrophic injury cases, it is especially important that you retain a Houston personal injury law firm with an established reputation and proven track record, such as Sullo & Sullo, LLP. In many instances catastrophic injury cases can require large amounts of money to prosecute due to the fact that expert witnesses will be required to provide testimony. In a large number of catastrophic injury cases, the costs can run in excess of $100,000—doesn’t it make sense to retain an experienced Houston law firm whose financial resources can be critical to the success of the case?

Sullo & Sullo Attorneys bring their knowledge and past record of success to each and every case. We will explore every possible source of liability to ensure you get the damages you deserve following your catastrophic injury and our attorneys have a solid understanding of the long-term implications of your injuries. Don’t face the challenges of a catastrophic injury alone—call Sullo & Sullo today and get the help you desperately need.

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