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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to SulloLaw.  We want our Users to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting our website and using its services. At SulloLaw, we understand your legal issues are a very personal, private subject, and we will tell you how we protect your information and what choices you have about how that information is used. We urge you to read our Privacy Policy and our User Agreement so that you will understand both our commitment to you and your privacy, and how you can participate in that commitment.

The following Articles make up our Privacy Policy. We hope that reading them gives you a clear idea of how we manage information regarding you.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to the Webmaster by emailing

ARTICLE 1: Information Not Governed by our Privacy Policy

Please remember that any information (including personal and legal information) that you reveal in a public forum (such as a bulletin board, mail list, chat room/event) is not subject to this Privacy Policy and will be seen by third parties not related to SulloLaw and may be used by them to contact you or for unauthorized purposes. Also, if you link to a third party site from SulloLaw, any information you reveal on that site is not subject to this Privacy Policy. You should consult the privacy policies of each web site you visit.

ARTICLE 2: Sources of Information

SulloLaw collects information from two distinct sources: (1) "Attorney(s)"; and (2) "User(s)". Both Attorneys and Users can browse our web site without entering any personal information and therefore remain anonymous during their visit. 

Information Provided By User to Attorney

Under no circumstances will information provided by User be disseminated by SulloLaw without the express consent of User. When requesting an attorney consultation or purchasing attorney services, our registration form asks a User his/her name, email address, preferences, demographic information and various legal specific questions. Such information is forwarded to Attorney only upon approval by User.

User's contact information (Name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) will not be sold or distributed to third parties.

We do use collect data from Users for demographic profiling. This information is shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis.

ARTICLE 4: Ask-A-Lawyer Consultation Requests

If User chooses to request a consultation from Attorney listed in our Ask-A-Lawyer directory, User may do so directly by telephone, by fax, by mail or by using the online Request Form. As the Request Form states, User should NOT send Attorney any confidential information until and unless Attorney asks User to do so.

If User chooses to use the online Request Form, User's message is typically transmitted directly to Attorney by Email or through an independent provider's "Email to Fax service". SulloLaw can take no responsibility for the transmission or delivery of any such message. A copy of most messages sent via the Request Form is sent to our archives, where it may be used on a confidential basis solely for SulloLaw's own purposes, such as to determine traffic flow, attorney responsiveness or visitor satisfaction.  SulloLaw will maintain the confidentiality of any request to the fullest extent permitted by law.

If User, within a short period of time, sends multiple copies of a similar message using a Request Form, or tries to evade our programs designed to prevent the sending of multiple messages, our systems or staff may alert Attorneys to that fact to enable Attorneys to take that into account in determining whether or not to reply or grant a Consultation. We may also bar User from future use of the websites or any of its features.

ARTICLE 5: Report Requests

SulloLaw never requires reports from Attorneys on who contacts them through our websites, or who becomes a client, or the nature or specifics of any matter. SulloLaw is a listing directory and online market place for the sale of legal services by Attorneys. SulloLaw is not a "Legal Referral Service" or "Law Firm". SulloLaw does not practice law. As a listing directory and online market place, SulloLaw will never receive any portion of any Attorney's fees should an Attorney-client relationship be established through this web site.

ARTICLE 6: Information Provided By Attorneys

The information collected from Attorney will be used in the Attorney's profile and disseminated to User. 

IP Addresses 

The SulloLaw website logs IP addresses and browser types, but we do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable. This means that a User's session will be tracked, but the User will be anonymous. IP addresses are logged for system administration purposes. These logs are analyzed to constantly improve the value of the materials available on the website.

ARTICLE 8: Feedback

Users may provide feedback (e.g., input and suggestions) to SulloLaw regarding the SulloLaw website. Users providing feedback must provide their name and email address. Any contact information entered when providing feedback will only be used to acknowledge or respond to that feedback.

ARTICLE 9: General Advice

Finally, although SulloLaw has a very strong Privacy Protection policy on our end, and does its utmost to protect privacy of all visitors, we bear no responsibility for anyone else's conduct with respect to material User's transmit. As is true with ANY Internet usage and access to ANY website, if you are using someone else's computer, or someone else has access to your computer, or you are using a corporate or other "network", it may be possible for that "someone else" or the "network" operator to retrieve copies of Email you sent from the computer and/or to trace the places you have been visiting on the Internet.


We may amend this Privacy Policy on a prospective basis (i.e., for future visits) at any time by posting a revised policy on our website. Further, nothing in this Privacy Policy is designed to protect the privacy of visitors whose use of the Company's websites is, in the reasonable opinion of SulloLaw or its attorney customers, intended for illegal, improper or abusive purposes, for purposes of marketing or solicitation, or would violate any other terms and conditions relating to use of the web site. This SulloLaw Privacy statement is effective October 1, 2000.

ARTICLE 11: Opt-Out Policy

We offer visitors to the Site a means for controlling the use of session information. If, at any time after registering for information or a consultation, you change your mind about receiving information from us or about the use of information volunteered by you, please send us a request specifying your new choice. To opt out of future emails, please either click unsubscribe in the body of the email communication or you can email us at

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