Automotive Defect Injuries

Auto Defects

Unfortunately many people are injured each year in auto accidents which are the direct result of a defective product. While most of us are familiar with the SUV rollover accidents resulting from a manufacturer’s design flaw or the Bridgestone Firestone tire issues from a few years ago, there are many other instances of auto defects being responsible for car collisions. Toyota suffered heavy losses after some of their models were found to be responsible for serious and even deadly auto accidents.

Even though all automobile manufacturers are required by law to design and engineer vehicles which meet minimum safety standards, vehicle defects remain one of the top causes of roadway accidents. A Houston personal injury attorney who is experienced in product liability cases could well be the victim’s only saving grace following an accident caused by an auto defect. The attorneys of Sullo & Sullo, LLP are committed to helping their auto defect clients get the compensation they deserve following serious car accident injuries.

Auto Defects You May Not Have Heard Of

Even though the modern designs of anti-locking brakes and dual-circuit braking systems have made the likelihood of total brake failure highly unlikely, studies show there are actually significant increases in fatal rollover crashes in passenger cars with ABS. Other brake defects include poor manufacturing of rotors, drums or pads, unattached hydraulic lines in the vehicle’s braking system, or the manufacturer’s failure to install a brake shift interlock in trucks or other heavy vehicles. Tires, while considerably safer than the bias-ply tires of 25 years ago, can nevertheless have design defects which cause tread separation and can lead to accidents.

Seatbelts, seatbacks and airbags can fail to protect as they were intended to, leading to severe injuries rather than the protection the victim expected. Gas tanks can unexpectedly explode following a relatively minor bump-in, and those involved in a rollover accident can suffer serious or fatal injuries when the roof crumples. All of these issues can be quite complex, requiring a personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas who has the background and know-how to fight for the victim’s rights. Sullo & Sullo Attorneys have that experience as well as compassion for the victims of auto defect accidents.

Vehicle Recalls

2010 saw over twenty million vehicle recalls—one of the highest numbers since the all-time high in 2004 when nearly 31 million vehicles were recalled. About a quarter of all auto recalls are the result of defect investigations while the other three quarters fall under the category of “voluntary” recalls by the automobile manufacturer. Once a manufacturer becomes aware of a poorly designed automobile component they basically have only two choices: recall the defective automobile part or the auto itself and fix the defect or roll the dice and pay off accident-related lawsuits as they arise.

In some instances it is found that the automobile manufacturing giants have destroyed or suppressed evidence of auto defects, leading to injuries and death among drivers of their vehicle. Consider the fact that sport utility vehicles of all types are still strong sellers even though many of them pose a significant rollover hazard. The SUV design implements a top-heavy body which is more prone to rollover in the event of taking a sharp curve too fast, when the vehicle skids into a fixed object or when the vehicle is struck by another vehicle. Once the vehicle experiences a rollover the weight can cave the roof inward, onto the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Rollover accident lawsuits require a specific knowledge of the design flaw inherent in certain vehicles which make a rollover much more likely. Sullo & Sullo attorneys possess that knowledge and have a solid grasp of all the legal strategies used by the attorneys of large automobile corporations.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Auto Defect Cases

Defective automotive products are usually managed under the laws of strict product liability, meaning the victim is not required to demonstrate negligence rather must only prove the defect was dangerous and caused specific harm. Having a Houston accident injury attorney in your corner who is extremely well-versed in product liability and defective product cases is essential when dealing with the legal complexities following an auto defect accident.

Victims may be entitled to compensatory damages which offer reimbursement for all expenses related to the accident including medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for physical or mental pain and suffering. Another form of damages may also be awarded and is known as punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to be a punishment to the party at fault, and are meant to deter such acts of negligence. If you or a member of your family have been injured in an auto accident which was either caused or exacerbated by a specific auto defect, don’t wait—call the Sullo & Sullo Law Firm today and get the help you need.

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