Have a Houston Arrest Warrant? What You Need to Know:

Should you discover there is an arrest warrant with your name on it in Houston or in Harris County, you will likely be concerned and anxious. An arrest warrant is issued by the courts and allows police officers to actually arrest the person whose name is on the warrant. Of course arrest warrants are often issued when a major crime has been committed and the evidence is such that an arrest is warranted.

capias warrant

Many people are unaware that arrest warrants can occur for such things as minor traffic violations when the recipient fails to show up in court or pay their fine. Class C misdemeanors such as speeding, failure to show proof of insurance or registration or sliding through a stop sign or stop light can all result in an arrest warrant. Aside from the arrest warrant, Failure to Appear charges could also be added.

Even in those cases where parking tickets have been allowed to accumulate in the glove box, an arrest warrant could result. In other words, while the underlying offense was minor, those who believe they have a traffic warrant against them in Houston or its surrounding areas should make arrangement to take care of the issue immediately. There have been many, many people who were very embarrassed when the police came to their job, home or school and arrested them in front of co-workers, the boss, family members or friends. In theory, going down to the courthouse to pay the past tickets would certainly take care of the warrant, however there have been instances when a person standing in line with money in hand have had an arrest warrant executed against them. The highly experienced Houston Warrant Roundup Lawyers at Sullo & Sullo can help minimize the negative effects of an arrest warrant and discuss the best solution to your problems.


What is an Alias Warrant?

If there was no plea entered on a particular case and you failed to appear in court, the type of warrant issued for you will likely be an alias warrant. Should you have received a citation for a relatively minor traffic offense such as running a stop sign, speeding, failure to have a current inspection or registration sticker or running a red light and you failed to pay your ticket by the time given or failed to appear in court to plead your case, then the courts would have charged you with Failure to Appear and issued a warrant for your arrest. When you receive a traffic citation, you are essentially promising to appear in court, and by failing to do so you are hit with an additional offense. If an alias warrant was issued for you, you still have rights, and our experienced attorneys will fight to ensure those rights are fully protected.


What is a Capias Warrant?

A capias warrant is issued for several different reasons. If you have received a misdemeanor conviction and failed to appear, a capias warrant could be issued. A capias warrant is issued in cases where a person refuses to provide testimony, or as a means of recovering money owed to a third party. If you or your attorney posted a traffic bond, you agreed to appear in court and to comply with the conditions as given by the court. If you then failed to show up in court or to meet your promised obligations, a capias warrant could be issued. At this point your options are shrinking, and you must either pay the fine or go to jail. The ultimate goal of the capias warrant is to compel a person to comply with court orders.


What is the Houston Warrant Roundup?

Sometime in the Spring, the ninth annual Texas Warrant Roundup will begin with the Greater Houston area taking part. The objective of Houston officials is to tidy up all the outstanding traffic tickets or court dates whether they were blatantly ignored or accidentally overlooked. The first phase of the Roundup consists of a “grace” period during which officials will attempt to notify all those with an outstanding warrant via mail, notes left on front doors and phone calls. Once this initial phase is over, the stakes get much higher. Law enforcement will begin actively seeking out those with arrest warrants and will not hesitate to embarrass any of these recipients by snapping handcuffs on them.


If you believe you may have neglected to either pay your traffic violations or appear in court as ordered and there could possibly be an arrest warrant with your name on it in any of the following areas, you need help immediate help. The courts we can assist with include: Houston Municipal Court, HCJP 1-1, HCJP 1-2, HCJP 3-1, HCJP 4-1, HCJP 4-2, HCJP 5-1, HCJP 5-2, HCJP 7-2, HCJP 8-1, HCJP 8-2, Jersey Village Municipal Court, Sugarland Municipal Court, Stafford Municipal Court, Missouri City Municipal Court, Pasadena Municipal Court, City of South Houston Municipal Court and Baytown Municipal Court. Don’t try to resolve an arrest warrant by yourself without good legal advice. The Houston Warrant Roundup Lawyers at Sullo & Sullo are knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and professional and will fight hard to protect your rights and your future.

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