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Diabetes Drugs Under Scrutiny

Several drugs used in the treatment of type-2 diabetes have come under fire recently for the increased risk of pancreatitis, pancreatic and thyroid cancers, allergic reactions and kidney problems. Victoza, manufactured by the Danish company Novo Nordisk, is one of these drugs. The risks associated with Victoza are considered to be significant; after gaining FDA approval in 2010, adverse reports of the development of acute pancreatitis have been reported to the FDA and entered into their database. A consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, claims Victoza was approved against the advice of at least three reviewers on the FDA panel.

FDA Requires Further Studies Despite Approval

Despite granting approval for Victoza, the FDA required Novo to conduct a five-year study to determine the risks of pancreatitis, hypoglycemia, serious allergic reactions and pancreatic and thyroid cancers among Victoza patients. Victoza was also designated as second-line defense drug, meaning it would be used only when other drug therapies had been unsuccessful. Within seventeen months following the approval of Victoza, there were over 200 reports of acute pancreatitis among users. A Black Box Warning was added to the labeling of Victoza which cautioned consumers regarding the risks of kidney failure, thyroid cancer and acute pancreatitis (which can lead to pancreatic cancer).

Receiving Victoza Compensation

Those who have suffered harm as a result of taking Victoza could benefit from contacting the Law Firm of Sullo & Sullo, LLP. Our highly experienced attorneys can protect your claim regarding the injuries you have suffered. We will discuss your case specifics then fully explain your options as far as pursuing a lawsuit against Novo Nordisk. Our attorneys never push their clients to file a lawsuit unless we are completely sure they were harmed by a defective or harmful drug or medical device and deserve compensation. In other words, we always act in our client’s best interests. Within that context, if you are entitled to Victoza compensation, we will handle your case with compassion for your injuries, and zealous, ethical representation.

How Our Sullo & Sullo Attorneys Can Help

Our attorneys are well-aware of the statute of limitations which, in the state of Texas is two years for product liability cases. We will take care to ensure all deadlines are met and that the medical expenses you have incurred due to harm from Victoza are fully covered. Additionally we will work to obtain lost wages—both past and future—for you along with pain and suffering compensation. If Novo Nordisk failed to warn consumers about the potential risks from Victoza, there could be MDL’s or mass torts filed within the next few months which claim failure to warn. The solid, experienced Victoza legal help our attorneys bring to the table is of tremendous benefit to individuals who have been harmed by an unsafe, untested drug and we want to help you. Call Sullo & Sullo today and speak to a knowledgeable attorney regarding your experiences with Victoza.

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