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Actos Lawsuits: A Brief Overview:

Actos is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Actos bladder cancer lawsuits against Takeda have recently begun, the first lawsuits being filed in August 2011. Thousands of additional Actos lawsuits are expected to follow as potential cases of bladder cancer and other serious side effects among Actos patients are investigated.

Actos Class Lawyers Lawsuit

Many of the lawsuits allege that Takeda knew or should have known that taking Actos long-term increases the risk of bladder cancer, and that Takeda is responsible for the serious side effects the patients suffered as a result of taking Actos. Many of the Actos lawsuits claim that patients suffered side effects after taking Actos for an extended period of time.

Actos is among a class of drugs known as thiazolidinediones, used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Both Actos and Avandia were approved in 1999, and although Avandia has suffered under claims that it caused serious side effects such as edema, fractures and heart failures, Actos escaped accusations of harm until very recently. While Actos was on the FDA’s 2002 list of products which were required to report incidences of heart failure on the label, its sales continued to skyrocket, netting Takeda Pharmaceuticals over three billion dollars in 2010 alone.

A 2010 study even gave Actos a boost as it seemed to lend credence to the fact that Actos was a much safer alternative to Avandia. Other studies disagreed, showing that Actos, especially when taken for longer than a year or in higher dosages came with a significantly increased risk of bladder cancer—as much as 40%. Since Takeda’s Actos patent is set to expire in August of 2012, it is believed the company will experience a sharp drop in sales, not to mention a significant number of lawsuits among those who believe Takeda knew of the increased risk of bladder cancer yet failed to warn those taking the drug.

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